This Is How You Go The Fastest Of A Water Slide:

In this sweltering heat, everyone is looking for an excuse to get into the water. However, there’ll be a time when you get a bit too old for your water park. You now get a new challenge to maintain yourself in all the children’s screams. Rush down the slide as quickly as possible. You will reach this milestone in your life.

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The myth that you go faster when you are heavier should be debunked first. It is bullshit.

You must consider two things to develop into a master of this slide: gravity and Friction. On the way up, you convert the strength of your leg muscles into potential energy. It would help if you got down quickly. Your body wants to be pulled back to Earth and promptly.


The myth that you go faster when you are heavier should be debunked first. It is bullshit. Thanks to Galileo, we know that every object is pulled to Earth with the same acceleration. Your mass hardly participates in the formulas. You better be thin to minimize drag.

Okay, you’re upstairs—Ready for the next step. Anna Watts, astrophysicist and lecturer in fluid dynamics at the UvA, tells me via email that you should, first of all, minimize the Friction between yourself and the slide. As soon as you start moving, the static Friction you experience when standing still will be converted into kinetic or movement Friction. It does not matter how large the surface you touch the track because the Friction also depends on pressure. If you hit the water with a minor part of your body, there is more force on those parts so that the Friction remains the same.

Keep the whole Experience enjoyable:

It is essential not to hit the slide with the fabric of your swimsuit or bikini. You go the fastest by just hitting the track with your skin. Water slide racing world champion, Jens Scherer, has tried all kinds of cutting-edge swimming outfits for this knowledge. He concluded that your skin is the smoothest. The water will make the Friction much less and keep the whole Experience enjoyable.

In the slide, you do this, according to Jens Scherer, via the three-point contact technique. Cross your ankles, fold your shoulder blades back by placing your triceps along with your head against your ears, then make sure to keep your body as tight as possible. This way, you ensure that you have as little air and water resistance as possible.

Now only your shoulder blades and your heel hit the slide. Your buttocks (dust!) Should therefore not touch the track unless you are wearing a thong—everything for the slide rule. To convert the acceleration of gravity into actual speed as much as possible, you must keep your body as stiff as possible so that you lose as little energy as possible. Such shelves. Start with sit-ups.

You would like to leave whenever you can from the beginning. Suppose it is impossible to go with the greatest possible initial speed because there is, for example, a gigantic steel beam hanging in front of you. In that case, it is essential to collect as much water behind yourself as possible. The ability of this water flows you forward. A good dismount is more effective. It is immediately converted into a faster time. So run-up, take-off, and whiz.

Final Words:

Essential! Heel and shoulder blades. Push your shoulders back. It hurts a bit, but you will soon be in charge of the entire pool. During your crazy ride down, you have to take one last thing into account: your moment of inertia. All your mass wants to go straight because without other forces on your body; you keep going in the same motion. Unfortunately, almost every slide soon comes with a good chunk of carbon fiber in the form of a curve to spoil your fun. So you will have to deflect. Don’t take the corner too high like an idiot. Send in tight (use your arms!). To maintain your speed, try to stay in the water flow as much as possible. It not only reduces your resistance but also takes you along.

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