Tiens Group hosted a world discussion board for the healthcare business

TIANJIN, China – (BUSINESS WIRE) – As one of the most influential multinational corporations in China, Tiens Group has pursued the development goal of helping people live better lives since 1995 to date. From the very beginning, the main products of the Tiens Group have included healthy products such as calcium products. But it has so far developed diversified industries in many areas such as cross-border e-commerce, international tourism, live broadcasts and terminal experience stores, and has served more than 47 million families worldwide through its 110 branches around the world.

An international health industry development forum will be organized by Tiens Group on August 3, 2021 (Chinese time) to discuss the development of the global health industry. Due to the huge influence of the Tiens Group worldwide, this forum has received a lot of media attention worldwide. Li Jinyuan, chairman of Tiens Group, said that as a key participant in the massive global health industry, the group will make continuous efforts for the “human health community”.

In 2013, China proposed the Belt and Road Initiative to strengthen the scope of transcontinental foreign trade cooperation. The Belt and Road Initiative has created many opportunities to promote trade in many countries and also to reduce transportation and trade costs for certain countries. One of the important roles the Tiens Group plays in the construction of the Belt and Road is to promote economic and trade cooperation and development between the Tiens Group and the countries along the Belt and Road.

Given the role of economic and trade cooperation as an important pillar for many economies, Li Jinyuan, Chairman of Tiens Group, started direct selling business in 1995 and started developing overseas business in 1997 -Commerce business has developed rapidly, with the market in Europe, Aurasia, Asia Pacific, Africa, America and the Middle East, and its business scope spans 224 countries and regions in 224 countries. Three large overseas warehouses including a European Czech warehouse, a European Asian warehouse and an African warehouse were recently opened to provide support for the global supply chain.

Thanks to persistent hard work over the past 26 years, Tiens Group has grown from a single product to a diversified product structure, integrated health services, and then innovative and integrated development across multiple industries to create a global network that covers all countries. It has introduced innovative new models and mechanisms to help families create wealth through consumption, promote employment and entrepreneurship, conduct global business and also promote development.

It is reported that many members of The Belt and Road around the world have interviewed in China and received positive reviews. Since its inception, Tiens Group has been actively advocating, researching, and implementing new business models and concepts to create a global business system. As a practitioner of the “belt and the road”, it has become a Chinese national brand that eventually grows into a global brand to promote wider global economic development.

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