Tito Ortiz completed politics after a brief reign as mayor: “After they began attacking my character … I knew I needed to go away”

Tito Ortiz has finished his political office after a brief six-month reign as Mayor of Huntington Beach, California.

The former UFC champion, who was sworn in as his hometown mayor last December, finally resigned in June and offered to step down after claiming he was the victim of a “character murder” and the constant attacks left him for safety of fear his family.

Ortiz was originally elected after receiving more than 42,000 votes – the most in Huntington Beach City Council history – but his constant encounters with fellow councilors and women became a major distraction over time. At some point in February, Ortiz was nearly ousted from his job after refusing to wear a face mask at council meetings.

Now, as he prepares to face Anderson Silva in a boxing match for the Triller Fight Club on September 11, Ortiz says his days as a politician are over.

“That part of my life ended,” Ortiz said during a trill press conference Monday. “I got a taste of how dirty this stuff is and I just tried to help my town.

“Ultimately, when it comes to what our country is going through, people don’t say about politics, but my children’s future is my No. 1” [priority]. I was just trying to help out here in Huntington Beach and I couldn’t let it. “

Ortiz ran under the campaign slogan “Make Huntington Beach Safe Again”, which was an obvious tribute to former President Donald Trump and his campaign “Make America Great Again”. Ortiz was a very outspoken supporter of former President Trump both during his campaign and in office.

Even before his election, Ortiz had disheveled feathers when he called COVID-19 the “Chinese virus” and later said the pandemic was a “political fraud”.

Much like he said in his utterances when he resigned, Ortiz stated that the personal attacks on his character eventually led to his decision to leave mayor’s office.

The overall experience led Ortiz to believe that politics just wasn’t his business.

“I was attacked non-stop every week, either on the news or in the papers,” Ortiz said. “When they started attacking my character, murdering my character, I knew I had to go away. I made $ 1,200 a month sitting there making decisions about the city.

“It was not worth my time and I apologize for all of the people who voted for me. I’ve had nearly 45,000 people voting for me, the most in Huntington Beach history, but once again I’m an honest man trying to do an honest job and politics, you can’t be an honest man and those things to do. Because if you keep your word, others don’t like it. “

With politics in the rearview mirror, Ortiz seems happy to focus on boxing for now as he prepares to clash with Silva in the co-main event for the upcoming card, that of Oscar De La Hoya’s return from retirement against the former UFC champion Vitor Belfort will be overwritten.

“If you are not on the agenda, you will be canceled and you will be what it is. It’s behind me now, ”Ortiz said of his brief political career.

“Once again, I’m grateful that Thriller gave me this opportunity to show my skills as the athlete I really am.”

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