TutorCruncher, Chief in Tutor Administration Software program, Reveals UK Tutoring Traits Information

It provides detailed reports for tutors, institutions, and parents to understand the financial landscape of the tutoring industry.

TutorCruncher, a leader in tutor management software, is pleased to share the latest report on UK tutoring trends. The UK tutoring trends data offers in-depth insights into the financial landscape of the tutoring industry. TutorCruncher is committed to providing the tutoring community, parents, and institutions with comprehensive data about tutoring costs and pay rates in the UK. Apart from being a leading online tutoring platform in the UK, it provides valuable information for users and the tutoring community derived from the data they already hold.

TutorCruncher is a tutor management software launched in 2013.

The TutorCruncher report shares lesson data on various subjects taught during the 2022–23 academic year. A total of 215,096 students were tutored in various fields, such as art, design & technology, economics, engineering, English, geography, history, humanities, languages, math, performing arts, politics, science, test prep, and primary and special education. Each subject showed commendable growth in new student enrolment, and the number of users of the platform increased. Subjects like English, math, science, and test prep grew more than 15%. This information is solely based on the data derived from the TutorCruncher platform.

The key findings of the UK tutoring trends data is that the tutoring sector witnessed unprecedented growth of a whopping 260%. While there has been an increasing demand for STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics), there was an almost 10% decline in tutoring for accounting. The other remarkable achievement is a rise in exam preparation lessons, including Eleven Plus Common Entrance and more. The growth rate was 16% compared to 3.8% last year. So tutoring centers specializing in 11+ classes can use this growth and strategize their business in this direction.

Tutors, tutoring institutes, and parents can use the UK tutoring trends data to make informed decisions. TutorCruncher has been creating business management software for tutoring companies. Whether it is a small team of tutors offering services from home or an established tutoring center, this software helps tutors provide world-class tutoring while spending less time on administration. The platform is designed and built by industry experts to suit the various needs of small teams and market leaders. The tutor management software can help tutors get paid online via cards and direct debit, save their payment details for automatic invoices, track payments, send reminders, and much more. The software also helps tutoring businesses keep track of their billing and financial progress.

To learn more, visit https://tutorcruncher.com/lesson-tutoring-trends-uk/.

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TutorCruncher is a tutor management software launched in 2013. It is a cloud-based system that can handle most accounting in a satisfactory manner. The software continues to improve to address issues regarding CRM tools, lesson reminders, job notifications, and core automated functionalities that a modern tutoring company might need without changing its business model.


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