US man killed his youngsters for “snake DNA”: report | World information

A 40-year-old American who killed his two children with a marlin gun said he was “enlightened” by QAnon and other conspiracy theories and saved the world from “monsters” that had “snake DNA” from authorities.

Matthew Taylor Coleman was charged on Wednesday for bringing and killing his children in Mexico at the age of two years and 10 months before returning to the United States. Coleman, a surf school owner in California, told authorities he knew he was doing something wrong but that “it is the only way to save the world,” the federal agent complaint read.

According to AFP, Coleman said that “he believed his children were going to become monsters, so he had to kill them”. He told agents that he “was enlightened by the QAnon and Illuminati conspiracy theories and received visions and signs that revealed that his wife … possessed snake DNA and passed it on to his children.” The complaint said he believed he was saving the world from monsters.

Coleman’s wife reported to the Santa Barbara police on August 7 that her husband had driven away with the children in the family van. She said Coleman told her he was taking her camping but refused to tell her where and didn’t answer calls or text messages.

Coleman’s wife said she didn’t think the children were in any danger and that the court’s affidavit said she had no problems with Coleman. She also said that “they didn’t have any kind of argument” before he left.

A day later, police tracked Coleman using the Find My iPhone app, which showed his last known location in Rosarito, Mexico. He was arrested at the border by the FBI when he was flying back into the United States the next day. Coleman was charged with the foreign murder of US citizens.

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