Valparaiso prepares the cultivation of 142 hectares for a brand new subdivision | Authorities and politics

“It’s a natural evolution of the city,” he said.

Douglas hopes the subdivision will be linked to the nearby Vale Park path.

The final approval of the annexation is expected at the council meeting on August 23rd.

On the other side of town, in the mixed-use Uptown East complex, the council voted 6 to 1 for a proposed housing unit, which essentially includes development as it is currently being built. Councilor Robert Cotton voted against the ordinance.

Before the ordinance was passed, the property was zoned in two different ways, the result of the unified building ordinance of 2013, which came into force after the construction of the four mixed-use buildings, Leeth said.

Cotton asked how the proposed zoning in residential units would affect other urban units.

Planning director Beth Shrader said the zoning appeals chamber would retain jurisdiction.

The property caused controversy about the residential parking spaces. The four buildings were originally marketed for college dormitories, with commercial space on the first floor of the two buildings overlooking Lincolnway.

With university enrollments declining, litigation settling, and the opening of a new dormitory and other nearby mixed-use buildings, Uptown East’s occupancy has declined.

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