Villagers ought to hand over politics and attempt to take pleasure in life

About the editor:

Most of us in the villages are in the “autumn of our lives”.
I personally have seen 14 presidents. I remember Ike was chosen when I was in elementary school. Maybe I was for or against each of these ten presidents. And for the millennials, Ike or Reagan might as well be Millard Fillmore.
The bottom line is why, at this point in our lives, spend our “golden years” fretting over political parties? It won’t solve anything other than increasing the prescription of blood pressure medication and affecting our health. Anger weakens our immune system. We have seen many presidents, raised children, worked hard jobs, some stressed and worried about bills and tuition fees. Now is the time for us to reap the years of hard work in bringing relaxed joy into our lives.
Let’s not get stuck on polarizing news channels. Let’s check out The History Channel, Animal Planet, and Masterpiece Theater. Let’s work on our legacy by sharing good stories, good recipes, drinks with friends, and an afternoon nap if that works for some. I made a commitment to turn off The Talking Heads because it only has to put millions of dollars in your pockets. I’ve worked hard my whole life, have kids and a grandchild that I adore, and that’s what I want to focus on. I beg my villagers to do the same.

Sandra Philips
Freedom Park Village

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