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BALTIMORE (WJZ) – Whether you are traveling or staying at home this holiday weekend, health officials and law enforcement agencies want to make sure that you are doing everything possible to keep yourself and your family safe.

With the recent surge in Covid cases, health officials are focused on reducing the spread of the virus while law enforcement officials are reminding everyone to stay safe on the road.

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It’s Labor Day Weekend and many are on their way to say goodbye to summer, which is causing some concern among health officials.

(Dr. David Marcozzi, CCO, UMMC) “We are concerned that travel could increase the positivity rate in our state,” said Dr. David Marcozzi Chief Clinical Officer of the University of Maryland Medical System.

Marcozzi recommends a few things to protect yourself and your family.

“Number one, when you’re traveling and visiting people, try to stay outside,” Marcozzi said. “Number two, if you do decide to go in, try to understand who is vaccinated and hopefully everyone is vaccinated, and even if they are vaccinated, wear a mask.”

With the recent rise of the Delta variant, some are choosing not to travel at all. The Monahan family canceled their trip to Disney World.

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“We had a countdown clock and everything was going and then Delta hit,” said Monahan.

You are now planning to visit the Delaware beaches and you will not be alone. Chesapeake Bay Bridge officials say they saw traffic drop to pre-pandemic numbers.

The traffic was heavy on different days and at different times.

Captain Glen McGuire of the Maryland Transportation Authority Police tells drivers to remain vigilant and drive sober.

“We will also have police officers from the Maryland Transportation Authority on the Bay Bridge and across the state of Maryland to enforce the law,” said McGuire.

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When it comes to your return trip, state officials recommend avoiding these peak travel times, which means leaving early or staying late if you can.

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