Well being officers warn in opposition to swimming within the James River

RICHMOND, Virginia (AP) – Virginia health officials lifted restrictions on swimming and wading in the James River on Wednesday after bacterial levels returned to acceptable levels a week after a sewer spill.

Last week, the Virginia Department of Health warned people and pets not to swim or wade in the river after 300,000 gallons of “raw, undiluted sewage” spilled into Tuckahoe Creek on July 27.

Samples taken on Monday show concentrations have reached acceptable levels for all recreational water uses, officials said. People are still being warned to avoid contact with Tuckahoe Creek. Samples taken from the creek on Monday showed improvement from last week, but levels were still elevated, officials said.

Repairs to the sewer line were completed on Friday and Goochland’s public utilities completed the recovery of sewage that pooled near the leak, officials said. The Eastern Goochland pumping station was put back into operation on Tuesday.

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