Well being Professionals Name for COVID Checks After April Break – NBC Boston

The April vacation for K-12 students in Massachusetts is just around the corner, and with many families on their first trip in over a year, some questions remain about who needs to be tested and when to see a spike in COVID after the break prevent. 19 cases.

“I think we’ll see a spike in cases after the April break,” said Charlton-parent Amanda Pelletier.

“I think when people travel we have to take a test to come back,” said Emma Leary, a senior at Millbury High School.

Dr. However, Katherine Gergen Barnett of Boston Medical Center says that Massachusetts’ guidelines for testing after travel are actually more lenient than the CDC’s.

“Children under the age of 10 do not need to be tested, vaccinated people do not need to be tested, those who have traveled less than 24 hours do not need to be tested,” said Gergen Barnett.

“I know people are feeling a little more sloppy now,” said Uxbridge teacher Kerry Bradshaw.

There is only so much that schools can do, according to Bradshaw, to ensure that students who need to be tested are tested.

“Parents, they’re going away, either they don’t tell us or they definitely don’t quarantine it so it’s going to be scary so we definitely need to be more vigilant,” Bradshaw said.

On the other hand, Tracey Sexton of Oxford says she only let her 11th grade daughter travel to Florida with friends because she knew she wouldn’t be going back to school right away.

“My daughter went on vacation, she came back, I tested her and everything and she came back negative,” said Sexton. “I told her she’d be staying in the apartment for two weeks and in quarantine, and that’s it, I’m strict.”

Gergen Barnett encourages all families who have traveled from the state to have their children pre-emptively tested so schools can try to avoid a spike.

“I think when we are on vacation we want to take a vacation from the pandemic,” she said. “Unfortunately, the pandemic is not taking us off.”

There are a number of school districts holding testing events this week or pooled testing next week to try to capture cases that may have been overlooked.

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