Wheel Walkers Inc. Explains Advantages of Knee Walkers after an Harm

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Wheel Walkers Inc., a reputed medical mobility device store in Ontario, explains the benefits of using knee walkers after an injury. Recovering from an injury is probably the most difficult ordeal people must endure. Without the right emotional and physical support, the recovery could take a long time. And hence the wheel walker. This medical mobility equipment allows one to stay on their feet with the help of wheels.

Wheel Walkers Inc. was founded by Jeff Goldstein, owner of Benjamin Moore Paint Stores and a practicing lawyer in the Province of Ontario
Wheel Walkers Inc.

Gone are the days of wheelchairs and crutches. Although they help recover patients with some mobility, they come with their fair share of limitations. Knee scooters are by far the best alternatives to traditional means of mobility aids. So, here are the top 4 reasons why one should use knee walker scooters.

Flexibility – The scooter can be used both indoors and outdoors. Walking with crutches or using a wheelchair could be painful on the hands and arms. With a knee walker, one can go anywhere in the house or workplace without pain, difficulty, or assistance. The scooter is quite sturdy and allows to move freely on any terrain without the risk of falling, slipping or sliding.

Speed – It is called a scooter for a reason. The ability to go faster than other medical aids, is what makes this knee walking scooter the best in its category. The scooter is engineered to allow users to maintain a good walking pace to get on with their chores just like they used to do.

Support and Stability – A few tasks will require the person to stand and complete. Washing the dishes or prepping food in the kitchen, giving presentations at work or simply the person’s need to stand, the knee walker offers good support and stability to stand upright and finish the chores.

Comfort – Last but not least, the knee scooters offer ultimate comfort without putting pressure on the body or causing further injuries. The scooter is designed to give users good support and cushioning at the lower body.

Wheel Walkers Inc. offers knee walker rentals in Toronto. The best thing is that the rentals start from 4 weeks, 6 weeks, and 8 weeks with an option to purchase the equipment. Different models are available here, along with the traditional wheelchairs and rollators. The steerable knee walker with a basket is a great option for those recovering from injuries down the knee. It also comes with a handbrake and rear disc brake.

To learn more visit https://www.wheelwalkers.ca/blogs/news/4-reasons-why-you-need-to-use-a-knee-scooter-after-injury

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Wheel Walkers Inc. was founded by Jeff Goldstein, owner of Benjamin Moore Paint Stores and a practicing lawyer in the Province of Ontario. This medical mobility device store features a large inventory of home healthcare equipment such as knee walker scooters, folding walkers, transport wheelchairs and four-wheeled rollator walkers. They offer knee walker rentals in Toronto at affordable weekly rates.



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