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New York – Movie theater admissions that were once expected to near normal levels continue to be plagued by pandemics, coronavirus delta variants, and home streaming with an estimated $ 26.5 million ticket sales.

The Warner Bros. Pictures film released at the same time on HBO Max set a pandemic record: the opening of the Top-R rating. However, The Suicide Squad, featuring the first DC Comics film directed by Guardians of the Galaxy, seemed ready for a blockbuster. That might have been the case if the Delta version hadn’t kept a lot of movie fans at home.

Warner Bros. Distribution Chief Jeff Goldblum admitted the recovery was taking longer than everyone wanted.

“We always knew the ramp-up would take two steps forward and one step back,” said Goldstein. “But if we live it, it’s not great.”

More importantly, the number of COVID cases in the United States has skyrocketed since then – from thousands of infections daily. Over 100,000. As a result, some states have reduced indoor activity and others have considered changing regulations. New York plans to require vaccinations elsewhere, including indoor restaurants and movie theaters.

“I think avid film fans are back in the cinema. You will be there from the first night until the weekend, ”says Goldstein. “But what we haven’t seen are fans of the casual film who would have been interested in the pre-pandemic situation. They haven’t arrived yet. “

The result of “The Suicide Squad” – a strong criticism, an overwhelming start – is the opposite of the 2016 Suicide Squad, which was not only criticized by critics, but also made a lot of money. The film, directed by David Ayer (whom I have since called “Not My Editing”), started at $ 133.7 million in the US and Canada, and ended up at $ 745,500 worldwide. I made a million dollars. Suicide Squad “Guns were used to sound disrespectful.

Gunn’s film is getting good reviews (92% fresh on Rotten Tomatoes) with a sequel reboot that returns some cast but not others, already has a series spin-off with John Cena, B + CinemaScore, and has been hugely endorsed by movie fans. Movie stars Idris Elba, Margot Robbie, Viola Davis, Joel Kinnaman. Never come back: Will Smith or Jared Leto.

The Suicide Squad costs about $ 185 million, but with box office revenue, there aren’t many ways to make a movie this size profitable. Warner hasn’t released any streaming or subscription data related to The Suicide Squad, but Goldstein sees HBO Max’s “proportional response” correlating with the theater’s popularity in all releases. Said it was done. When it hits the cinema, it’s a streaming hit.

Paul Delgarabedian, senior media analyst at data firm Comscore, believes dates and date releases could hit the movie’s box office, but said the dominant variable remains a pandemic.

“Today is a completely different market than just a few weeks ago, which makes long-term statements about all possible happenings in the film industry and in the cinemas very difficult,” said Dargala Bedian. Specified. “There is a desire to go to the cinema, but the market is fluid.”

Last week’s top film, Disney’s more expensive “Jungle Cruise” opened softer than expected. We raised $ 34 million in the US and Canada against the stated budget of $ 200 million. Most of the titles this year have fallen sharply since their release, but Jungle Cruise has been pretty strong, falling 55% to $ 15.7 million in week two. Worldwide it is 122 million US dollars. That doesn’t include the $ 30 million Disney called a “jungle cruise,” which took place on the first weekend of early access purchases on Disney +. (Disney didn’t share updated streaming revenue in the second week of the film.)

If the number of COVID-19 cases does not decline immediately, the studio faces the tough question of what to do with future major event releases. This is especially true for distributors who are not tied to a streaming platform. How MGM deals with the James Bond movie “No Time to Die” (October 8th), whether Sony is holding “Venom: Let There Be Carnage” (September 24th), I will pay attention to it. Paramount recently postponed the release of “Clifford The Big Red Dog” due to the rise of the Delta variant.

“It’s a relentless market right now,” says David A. Gross, who conducts franchise entertainment research at a film consultancy. “The last big films were flawed. Under normal circumstances, a strong marketing campaign can fix some flaws and create a good weekend. In the current situation that doesn’t happen. “

Goldstein said Warner Bros. wouldn’t have a movie like “Suicide Squad” without half of the release streaming.

“We made it clear that our daily strategy with HBO Max is neither our plan nor our plan to do this in 2022, but if we didn’t do this in 2021, we couldn’t afford it. It would have been ridiculous to put a movie out, not to mention the marketing, ”Goldstein said. “It is definitely a complicated time.”

Some independent films are still relatively successful. The two-week total of Tom McCarthy’s “Stillwater” Focus Features exceeds $ 10 million and adds $ 2.9 million, with Matt Damon. David Lowery’s “Knight of the Green” totaled $ 2.6 million, bringing the total for the two weeks to $ 12.2 million.

When the coronavirus increases, the “suicide relay” opens quietly | entertainment

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