Winfinity Unveils New Competitions Web site within the UK

It offers bi-weekly prize draws and spectacular prizes to win.

Winfinity is a new competitions website in the UK offering bi-weekly prize draws and spectacular prizes. The prizes include the latest smartphones, luxurious watches, cash prizes, premier cars, and many more. At least one draw occurs bi-weekly so members do not run out of opportunities to win exciting prizes. The platform works using fixed-odd competitions, which is an excellent way for players to get a chance to win a bike, car, van, motorhome, watch, camper, or any other luxury item. The prizes are drawn live every other Thursday at 4 PM on Facebook. All the prizes come with a guaranteed draw date and winner, irrespective of the sold-out tickets.

Winfinity Competitions is a platform that provides incredible opportunities for consumers to win prizes in various categories.
Winfinity Competitions

This means that even if not all the tickets are sold, the draw will still occur at the set time and date. The platform does not extend the draw dates whatsoever. Every Monday, Winfinity also gives away free prizes worth £500. Anyone can enter this Monday Draw by buying a ticket for the normal competition prizes. There is, however, a set amount of tickets per prize with a guaranteed winner. Winning a prize at Winfinity Comps is as simple as visiting the website, selecting the competition, choosing a prize from the selection, logging in or registering and adding tickets to the basket, proceeding to checkout using debit or credit cards, and just waiting for the draw.

The website is currently running a £500 Amazon voucher, £500 Smyths Toy Store voucher, and Nintendo Switch OLED, all at £1.99 per ticket. The selection process of winners is totally unbiased and transparent. The company uses a 100% random ball-spinning machine for completely random results. All the draws are conducted on Facebook Live for utmost transparency. In the absence of a ball machine, the platform uses an online Google Random Number Generator that is also live.

Winfinity Competitions tries to contact the winners and ensures the prizes are given to them. The entire process is pretty straightforward. Once an individual registers on the portal, they can choose any competition, buy a ticket, play the challenge, and win a prize. Winfinity Comps are closed when all the tickets are sold out or on the draw date, whichever comes first. Although members can enter a competition multiple times, they should stay within specified limits. The best thing about these competitions is that winners get to keep the prize, gift it, or sell it. The aim here is to make prize collection as easy and convenient as possible.

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About Winfinity Competitions

Winfinity Competitions is a platform that provides incredible opportunities for consumers to win prizes in various categories. From smartphones to cars, watches to cash prizes, this place ensures that customers always have options for winning bonanzas. There is something for everyone who visits this site.





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