With the secularization of progressivism, politics turns into faith | Editorial columns

Recent data from the Cooperative Election Study shows that 20% of atheists have taken part in a march or protest, compared with 6% of white evangelicals. Forty percent of atheists have contacted a minister, compared to 24 percent of white evangelicals. 52 percent of atheists have donated to political candidates, compared to just 26 percent of white evangelicals. Retreat further, and the gap between progressives and conservative evangelicals shows that the former, not the latter, are more actively involved in protests and politics.

With the secularization of progressivism, politics becomes religion. Signaling of virtues replaces a Christian ichthus fish on the back of a car. Outrage becomes a signal to identify heretics. If you are not outraged, you could be a heretic to secular, progressive zealots.

This past weekend, college students went to stadiums across America to experience the joy of community and football. On television networks and social media, progressives condemned the activity as unsafe. Outdoor parties reverted to superspread events in a way that mass protests and searches of small businesses during the riots and protests over the death of George Floyd in the summer of 2020 did not.

The Supreme Court put a Texas law in place because the plaintiffs in the case were suing the wrong people. The Supreme Court refused to stop the law because the court won’t stop laws. The court only prevents people from enforcing the law. If the wrong people are sued, the court has no power to stop them. Progressives, despite the plaintiffs’ breach of duty, insisted that the court suspend the law anyway. While four judges would have done so, they would have departed from the legal precedent.

Unperturbed, progressives attacked the Texas Supreme Court, former President Donald Trump, Conservatives and Babies instead of blaming plaintiffs for their collective error. You were fixated on the worst-case scenario – rape. Progressives believe that women who are rape victims must have babies to term and face immeasurable psychological trauma. They blatantly ignored the fact that Texas cannot stop a woman from traveling to another state to kill her child. Nor did they want to suggest that rape accounts for 1% or less of abortions. If you listen to the commentary on TV, you would think that rape and resulting pregnancies are happening all the time. Meanwhile, a doctor admitted killing dozens of children in advance of the law’s entry into force, not for rape but for the convenience of mothers.

When the remnants of a hurricane rolled up the east coast and brought in flooding, the progressives freaked out about climate change. Politicians and supposed experts never let a crisis fizzle out and urged Americans to give up their way of life in order to stop storms. Storms are not stopped by a battery-powered car. It’s hard to tell from media coverage.

Podcaster Joe Rogan was given ivermectin from his doctor. The drug’s inventors received a Nobel Prize for ivermectin’s contribution to human progress. The drug has saved billions of people from blindness and parasite infestation. It is also used on farm animals, and some people have tried taking dosages for horses. However, Rogan got it from his doctor. Some doctors believe that ivermectin’s well-documented anti-inflammatory properties may help prevent or combat what is known as the cytokine storm, in which COVID-19 triggers the release of inflammatory proteins called cytokines into the bloodstream. The Food and Drug Administration has advised against prescribing ivermectin pending further studies.

Progressives freaked out about Rogan and his doctor attacking Texas for getting between a woman and her doctor. The whole freaking out is theater. In postmodernism, one demonstrates one’s commitment to a certain truth or cause through achievement. The screaming and moaning on social media and on television is a performance designed to both signal a confession of a supposed truth and identify the heretics who choose not to appear.

If the progressives continue to make secularism a religion, the ritual outrage will intensify, but this will also help discredit the progressive cause. Most people don’t have time to be outraged these days as they struggle to get through the progressives, close schools and cause inflation with massive spending rush.

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