YACSS Broadcasts the First Annual YACSS Search engine optimisation Convention

Two Days of Link Building and Cloud Stacking with the World’s Top SEO Experts

YACSS announces the first annual YACSS SEO Conference to be held at the luxurious Comwell Hotel Hvide Hus in Aalborg, Denmark, on 19th and 20th May 2023. Ticket prices start at $950, with all meals and accommodation for three days included per the package selected. The sale for the conference tickets and VIP tickets has started. Only limited tickets are available. The conference offers an exclusive experience, with two days of link building and cloud stacking with the world’s top SEO experts, followed by a Sunday Mastermind event at the private home of YACSS’s founder, Jesper Nissen, which only VIP ticket holders can attend. All the details about the event are available on the website.

YACSS SEO Conference
YACSS SEO Conference – May 19 & 20, 2023

Link building is an important task in SEO. While Google is telling otherwise, Jesper believes that powerful and relevant links can make a difference to website rankings. This is one of the major reasons for organizing this conference, where SEO experts worldwide will be present. The event is highly beneficial for any SEO agency or service provider that wants to understand the intricacies of link building. The two-day conference will witness speakers discussing how they use cloud stacking and supporting methods to achieve desired results.

Along with other YACSS experts, Nissen will also demonstrate the different ways they use YACSS. Participants will get a chance to network with other YACSS users worldwide. The conference is strictly private and is limited only to the speakers and participants. There will be no recordings, and participants will not be allowed to record either. Speakers will be sharing confidential information during the sessions; otherwise, they will be able to share or be willing to share on other platforms. Each participant will take home crucial knowledge about link building and the YACSS software.

Jesper Nissen
Jesper Nissen – YACSS

The YACSS SEO Conference has nine speakers, each with their own expertise and experiences. The main focus of the conference is link building, and participants will be provided with a hands-on understanding. During the presentations, they will also have time to perform the techniques so that they can visualize the results for themselves.

Listed Speakers Include:

Each day has a two-hour lunch break which can be used for networking and meeting other SEO professionals. At the Sunday Mastermind event at Jesper’s residence, he and the other speakers will invite participants for an open talk and share their ranking secrets.

To learn more, visit https://yacss.site/yacss-conference-2023/.


YACSS was started by Jesper Nissen, an IT professional with over 17 years of experience, an entrepreneur, and an SEO expert who designed his own CMS and built over 700 websites. YACSS is a web-based automated cloud stacking software that creates SEO-optimized HTML websites.




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